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AMD collaborates with SOFTMAX for The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis

By insightVAS - Mon Mar 12, 1:00 pm

AMD collaborates with SOFTMAX for The War of Genesis IV: Spiral GenesisAMD Korea has signed an agreement with Korean game developer, SOFTMAX, to provide technical collaboration for its new game title, The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis. This type of collaboration, a core component of AMD’s Gaming Evolved program, will help optimize The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis to enable a superior experience for anyone running the game on AMD products and technologies.

“AMD remains focused on providing the ultimate gaming experience through its cutting-edge technology and industry-leading gaming initiatives, like the Gaming Evolved program,” said David Kwon, president of AMD Korea and managing director of Global Strategic Sales, AMD. “Our collaboration with SOFTMAX is evidence of these efforts and ensures AMD continues its close work with industry-leading game developers. At the end of the day, this collaboration means gamers can expect unparalleled and immersive gaming through AMD products and technologies.”

AMD’s Gaming Evolved program represents AMD’s deep commitment to PC gamers, game developers, and the industry as a whole. As the PC gaming technology leader, AMD is dedicated to delivering the innovative technologies, supporting open standards, and providing solid industry support needed to help create the best possible gaming experience.

“Our collaboration with AMD is an opportunity to drive development forward and provide our users with an outstanding graphics experience,” said Yeon-Kyu Choi, chief creative officer of SOFTMAX. “With AMD, we will ensure that the new MMORPG, The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis, is the culmination of our joint development expertise, which extends across a variety of platforms.”

The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis is the first MMORPG of SOFTMAX’s The War of Genesis series, which first launched in 1995. Since then five other PC titles have followed and over 10 mobile and console titles have been made available. To date, The War of Genesis series has sold more than one million units of its PC series in the Korean market, and has tracked more than 2.3 million mobile downloads in Korea and Japan. This hugely popular gaming franchise is often described as one of Korea and Japan’s most memorable and most immersive role playing titles. The War of Genesis IV: Spiral Genesis is planned to launch in China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.

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