04:59 am - Thursday 27 April 2017

Budget Control app: Gives users the power to balance their nation’s budget

By insightVAS - Thu Jul 05, 1:13 pm

Budget Control Inc., a non-partisan organization, has released an app that facilitates the interaction and engagement between “we the people” and our politicians.

This application (www.budgetcontrol.com) allows the user to see and easily understand the U.S. budget and places the power in their hands to decide how they will balance the U.S. budget.

 The beauty of this application is that it simplifies this process to mere minutes. The company do this by breaking the U.S. Budget into the Current Snapshot and Long Term Outlook. The current snapshot focuses on the latest fiscal year budget. The long term outlook focuses on solving the nation’s debt problems by allowing the user to utilize actual items and proposals currently debated in the news by political figures like President Obama and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Once the user has finished balancing the budget, Budget Control uses an innovative process to deliver these selections to the user’s desired politicians, thus giving a voice to the people in an easy, efficient, and fun manner.

No cumbersome letter writing, no vague petitions, no time consuming surveys. The app makes your personalized voice available to your politicians in mere minutes.

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