02:02 pm - Saturday 18 November 2017

Frost & Sullivan on New Telecom Policy approved

By insightVAS - Fri Jun 01, 10:51 am

The Cabinet on Thrusday gave nod to the new telecom policy that proposes to remove roaming charges on mobile phones and allow users to retain the same number across the nation.

NTP 2012 will enable number portability extension on national basis. NTP also aims to provide free roaming to telecom users. Currently, a subscriber has to pay up to R1 per minute as roaming charges.

“This is definitely a welcome move for the consumers of mobile services and would boost adoption across the country. However, this would stretch the balance sheets of the operators further. Government needs to ensure the adequate pricing of the spectrum so that the overall services pricing is not increased. Otherwise, this would only benefit 10 percent of the travelling population and rest 90 percent would have to pay high for the services due to expensive spectrum” says Mr. Abhishek Chauhan, Senior Consultant, ICT Practice, Frost & Sullivan, South Asia & Middle East.

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