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Galaxy Dash: A 3D dash game by ATO

By insightVAS - Sat May 05, 10:57 am

ATO has launched its 3D dash game, ‘Galaxy Dash’ for now free. In this version, you can compete with your friend via local multiplay or other players around world via Game Center. You run across galaxy. But you may encounter numbers of obstacles. You must evade these obstacles and arrive in next galaxy under some conditions. Your journey is full of extreme speed.

The wormhole consists of several lanes. And you run on the one of these lanes. If you head for obstacles on your lane, you must jump to adjacent lane to evade it. Just jump to left or right. And there are lots of GP (game point) items on the track, you could do worse than collect it to enhance your traveller. If the GP item is on the other lanes, you need to jump to that lane also.

And there are several skills that help you play easier. You can enhance your traveller with GP. If you buy new costume for your traveller, you can use more skills. And every trails you equip have different effects. Some trails have immunities to one more obstacles, and they will be very helpful.

There are 3 more play modes. So called, ‘Mission mode’, ‘Flight mode’ and ‘Ghost mode’

Mission mode is a basic play mode. A track is divided into several checkpoints, and each checkpoint has maximum 2 missions. You have to satisfy conditions to clear the mission.

Once you clear a track with Mission mode, you can play ‘Ghost mode’. The Ghost is your past. This means that you compete your previous play!

In the Flight mode, you fly not run by tilting your iPhone or iPod. You must not bump on the wormhole wall.

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