12:51 am - Wednesday 22 November 2017

Google facilitate Indian developers to develop and publish paid apps on ‘Google Play Store’

By Sonali Shyam - Tue Sep 25, 2:16 am

It’s really great news for Indians! Google has added India to the list of countries from where developers are allowed to develop and publish paid apps on Google Play.

Previously, Indian developers had to open accounts in countries like either US, UK and few other select countries, which supported this service (means which would be linked with their play store account).

Indian developers interested in selling their apps on Play store will have to first create a Google Checkout Merchant account and link it with their Google Playstore developer account. Once the accounts are linked, they cannot be removed, changed or updated. If a developer wants to do this, they will have to sign up for a new developer account by paying a fee of $25.

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