05:00 am - Thursday 27 April 2017

Hooked Media Group introduces new intelligent social discovery features for mobile gaming app

By insightVAS - Mon Jul 02, 5:09 pm

New intelligent social discovery features incorporated in hooke a Hooked Media Group mobile app.

Hooked Media Group has introduced new intelligent social discovery features to its Hooked app, a game discovery engine of the Google Play Marketplace. Now users can not only find games through personalized recommendations, but also through social discovery. To do so, users can simply log into social platforms like Facebook and connect with friends and then invite, share and recommend their favorite games.

With these new features, Hooked is combining what people use most of these days, social networks and mobile applications, to make finding applications easier and more personalized. Hooked’s new social discovery features allow users to see what is being played in their community as well as what games are popular and the most played. By using an advanced recommendation algorithm and variety of features, Hooked intelligently connects users with games based on a player’s interest.

“With over 2 million apps in the market, it is hard to find the ones that fit your needs. It is a growing challenge that today’s consumers are facing,” says Pritta Uppal, founder of Hooked Media Group. “Hooked solves this daunting problem by allowing users to discover apps they will enjoy and the new social feature enables recommendations from users’ most trusted sources, their friends. In the coming week, we are gearing up to take these capabilities a step further.”

The company has cracked the code for app discovery and in the upcoming weeks will look to expand its capabilities across multiple platforms. To date, Hooked has obtained over one million downloads. To download Hooked, visit the Google Play Marketplace.

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