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Huawei among top five players in Enterprise Networking Equipment market

By insightVAS - Mon Feb 10, 4:47 pm

According to a global study by research firm, Gartner, Huawei has exhibited a year on year revenue growth of over 89.4 percnt across the Enterprise LAN & WLAN market category between Q3 2012 and Q3 2013. This makes Huawei the second largest enterprise traditional router vendor and the fifth largest Ethernet switch vendor in the global enterprise networking market.

The hyper connected world, which ties together not only global business and enterprise, but individual elements of these enterprises, the consumers of technology, Huawei Enterprise has taken it upon itself to put these consumers at the center of the solutions and products it provides in order to deliver seamless connectivity and transmission of data. With products ranging from Data Center Switches, to Campus Switches and small scale products like SOHO & SMB Switches, Huawei’s endeavor remains to deliver end to end ICT solutions, which address the networking requirements of its customers. Stressing on lower capital and operational expenditure for customers, owing to convenient deployment and manageability; with maximized efficiency has led to the unimaginable growth that Huawei Enterprise has witnessed globally.

The Gartner report quantifies Huawei Enterprise in the networking equipment market as such:

  • 89.4 percent year-on-year growth in overall networking equipment market, thereby making Huawei Enterprise the fifth largest vendor in terms of revenue market share
  • Second largest global vendor in the Router market; with a market size of $98.5 million worldwide, and 61.3 percent YoY growth in revenue between Q32012 and Q32013
  • Fifth largest vendor revenue market share in overall Enterprise Switches market, with $90.3 million market size, and 103.3 percent yoy growth from Q3 2012 to Q3 2013
  • Fourth largest vendor revenue market share in 1000 Mbps Ethernet switch market, 111.2 percent growth in the same time period against credible competitors

Gartner’s Enterprise Networking Equipment Market report pegs the networking equipment market at $9.3 billion globally in the third quarter of 2013, with an annual growth rate of 9.1 percent compared to Q3 2012. The report highlights Huawei as the fifth largest networking equipment vendor in the world, with a market share of $216.3 million of the total market.

Puneet Soni Marketing, Huawei Enterprise BG India said, “Repeated and consistent efforts to renew and specialize in cutting edge technology products and solutions are driving the growth of Huawei Enterprise in the networking market. Added to that is the pre-established expertise the company has exhibited in networking products and solutions, with its widespread global presence in the telecommunications industry. These elements combined with customer centralism in all of its innovation and research, have proven to result in increased customer confidence and therefore the massive growth in such a short span of time. Huawei Enterprise continues to capture mindshare and market-share, leveraging its own success to further its growth in the global enterprise networking market.”

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