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Indian Warriors: Jump Games takes you to the freedom fighters’ era with the new game series

By insightVAS - Wed May 30, 12:37 pm

There are days when one often wonders about India’s glorious history and several historic heroes’ mother earth has bread, at some point in time many of us have wanted to travel back and be a part of the freedom fighter’s era. Jump Games just made that easy, Jump  has launched a series of games under the title ‘Indian Warriors’ – Indian Warrior allows you to adapt a role of your favourite freedom fighter- be it Shivaji Maharaj , Rani Lakshmi Bai, Bhagat Singh or Tipu Sultan.

Each of this individual game is based on your favourite freedom fighter and will offer unique circumstances and situation to escape death from the Britishers. Each game will give you a different hurdle – Each game offers a glimpse of freedom fighters life and lets you tackle a different hurdle

For example if you are playing as Shivaji Maharaj you get to deal with a ploy that the enemies have hatched to assassinate Shivaji. But then Shivaji Maharaj is  already aware about the whole plan and decides to face the danger himself. Play as the courageous Shivaji Maharaj and take down all the assassins on the walls of the forts. It’s time to assassinate the assassins!

If you decide to be Rani Lakshmi Bai then the gamer has to escape the trap laid by the British Soldiers which has been laid to trap her.

After the popularity of the Border War Series the clear insight Jump gathered was that the Indian youth connects very intensely with patriotism. Games based on patriotism are an instant hit within the youth segment. Hence the whole Indian Warrior series has been developed. Small and fine integrities have been taken care of in the process of making this series right from the look to the body language of the characters to the kind of hurdle and difficulties

The Various features of the game series are:

1. A classic arcade game with very vivid and crystal clear graphics

2. Two game modes

3. Simple controls for pick-up and play

4. Innovative power-ups

5. Easy to use controls

Speaking about this particular launch of the game, Mr. Chaitanya Prabhu, Business Head India, Jump Games says “This series is been made in conjunction to the Border War series, with Border war we got the insight that Indians love to be a part of freedom fights and games based on patriotism evoke a very strong emotions and hence Jump Games is once again living up to its motto of Think Global – Play Local. We are expecting the series to hit some great numbers on all leading operators and on Nokia Stores.”

The game will be available on all leading operators like Vodafone, BSNL, Idea, DOCOMO, etc. It has been made for Java, Blackberry & Android technologies. It is priced at Rs 50/- only.

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