04:19 pm - Wednesday 22 November 2017

InMobi launches Native Ads platform

By insightVAS - Thu Jan 30, 3:25 pm

InMobi, the mobile advertising firm has come up with a platform that will allow app developers and mobile publishers  to deliver ads that adapt to the look and feel of the apps downloaded by the users. It aims at helping advertisers and publishers retain users and provide better monetisation.

“The ads don’t appear disruptively, but are felt by the users,” said Krishnendu Majumdar, Head of Products, Supply and Development Solutions at InMobi. “They will blend with the look and feel of the app.”

The platform InMobi Native Ads platform uses artificial intelligence and software algorithms that help advertisers and publishers adapt and blend their ads with thousands of apps without manual intervention.

“This will be mass customisation through one platform,” said Majumdar. “It is a mix of arts and science.” The InMobi Native Ads platform is built atop the InMobi’s ad network of around 700 million users across 165 countries. “With over 700 million monthly active users on our network and our big data technology capabilities, we can deliver rich native-user experiences that drive greater engagement and revenues for our partners,” said Pankaj Bengani, Vice President for Global Strategic Partnerships at InMobi.

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