04:47 am - Thursday 27 April 2017

‘Its never too late’ says Smartphones in Korea

By Parvina Purkayastha - Wed Aug 22, 2:51 pm

South Korea has more mobile phones than people and in love with smartphones.

Discovered from the latest figure that more than 60 percent of South Koreans have smartphones despite being a new entrant in the country.

Data from a news agency showed the number reached 30.03 million, out of a total of 52.55 million mobile phone users.

Places in India have more cars than the population, in this tech-savy nation there are more mobiles than people. The population hit 50million in June.

Though little late as compared to other countries, but South Koreans are in love with smartphones. Regulators approved Apple’s iPhone only in September 2009 because of privacy concerns about some of its features.

Since then, smartphones are selling like hotcakes. Its use of smartphones has been growing at a brisk pace, with free wireless networks and cutting-edge gadgets widely available.

South Korea is one of the world’s most wired societies, with 95 percent of homes using broadband internet. According to a study it also has the world’s top internet download speeds.

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