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LBS India 2012: Operators seeking govt. subsidy on monetary basis to deploy LBS infra

By Nitesh Sharma - Thu Feb 03, 4:27 pm

“LBS is the next killer app in 3G & mobile broadband ready India. Monetary hurdles are hindering the effective deployment of LBS, as consumers want everything but without any expenditure. In India we follow a mantra ‘High value low price’. We can tackle to the problems if govt. subsidizes us on monetary basis. Government needs to encourage competition rather than regulating it” said Mr. Rajan S Mathews, Director General, Cellular Operators Association of India during LBS India 2012, 2nd International Conference, organised by Bharat Exhibitions at The Lalit hotel today.

Mr. Sivarama Krishna, Executive Director, Consulting, PricewaterhouseCoopers discussed about the technology needed for the deployment of LBS. He said that LBS would rely on the technologies like Cell ID, TDOA/AOA, GPS, Fingerprints and Hybrids (AGPS). Describing the usage of LBS in terms of navigation, tracking, information, communication and leisure he affirmed, “Govt. can use LBS and its applications for the security purpose and even at the time of emergency”.

Sivarama elaborating on the issue of revenue for the operators said, “Mobile operators can earn high revenue from Location Based Ads. The elections are approaching and this opportunity can give an immense amount of revenue through the Location Based Ads, leave the rest”. He said that the key factors like- complex ecosystem, marketing & promotion of services, business models, security/privacy issues and infrastructure constraints can hinder the deployment of LBS in India.

Mr. Rajesh Gandhi, AVP VAS Technologies & Enterprise Solutions, TATA Teleservices, took the conference further and said that factors like- Network based technologies, consumers’ need for LBS, app development ecosystem, regulatory mandate and accessibility of high end handsets will drive the growth of LBS in India.

He said “LBS is a $20 billion potential value market and 70% of people say that they use services like navigation, alerts etc.” According to him, LBS will allow customer to have information regarding the location of a particular person, for example, through this service parents are informed of their children’s locations, enterprise can track their workers and material, while places of interest can be located conveniently. Also, it will be a great tool for safety and security, as security authorities can use it for tracking terrorist etc.

He then discussed about the consumer behaviour towards LBS and said, “Costumers understand the value of LBS but they are very concerned about the privacy issues and even they are not willing to pay for the service. We as service providers have to ensure that the information is secured and is not misused. To successfully deploy the service, we require to minimizing CAPEX, deploy adequate technology in CDMA and define the target group for LBS apps.”

Taking the session further, Mr. SC Sharma, ITS, General Manager-VAS & TF, BSNL, said, “The day is not far when major segment of the society will become dependent on LBS. And to make that happen along with meeting the mandate directions given by DoT, we need huge investments after which sky would be the limit for LBS”.

Mr. Ram Narain, ITS, DDG, DoT, Ministry of Communications & IT, Govt. of India flaunted his reservations on LBS and said, “To meet the deadlines while following the guidelines issued by DoT, operators and vendors have to come up with innovation in business practices as they are of utmost importance.”

Dr. C S Rao, President- Corporate Affairs & Regulatory, Reliance Communications, commented, “We as a industry need to navigate ourselves to find out best consumer and then navigate to give him best services. We need a right amount of spectrum to give users best service”.

AK Bhargava concluded the conference stating, “Main problem in LBS deployment is intra-circle limitations. We need a third party, who can establish infrastructure compliant to both operators. In India, we have an infrastructure which is not secure in wake of changing future requirements”. He further added, “With the mobile phone enabling legal agencies to locate individuals and events it is necessary for government, service operators and DoT to enter into workable arrangements and protocols to fix legal onus to prevent avoidable legal complications to dog service providers.”

This was the 2nd edition of LBS India 2012 business conference that attracted over 400 delegates from across India & APAC. Additionally it fascinated around 15 senior level industry experts who addressed the action packed gathering. The conference drew delegates from – Telecom Network Operators (GSM, CDMA), LBS & Geo Service Providers, POI and location content providers, Merchants, Retail companies, VAS Technology companies, Regulators & Ministries (RBI, TRAI, DOT, DIT, MOF), Content and Service providers, Consultancy & VC Firms, IT Software firms, Network Security Companies, Network Infrastructure Providers, Handset OEMs, Mobile advertising, Application Developers, SIM and Smart card Manufacturers etc

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