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LBS represents a huge growth opportunity for the entire ecosystem

By Nitesh Sharma - Mon Feb 27, 2:42 pm

LBS represents a huge growth opportunity for the entire ecosystem
Rajvinder Kohli

Rajvinder Kohli is Regional Vice President at Progress Software India. He is responsible for alliances and sales engagement for Progress in the region. Rajvinder has over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in the technology industry across India, Asia and MEA. He has worked in some of the largest IT Services companies across the globe as Business Head and Country manager. Prior to joining progress Rajvinder was Vice President for Sales and Marketing for APAC and Middle East for Savvion.
insightVAS brings to you his views on the advent of Location Based Services in India. Edited excerpts:

1. Please elaborate the term ‘Business Strives for Responsiveness’.

The pace of business continues to accelerate in almost every industry. What used to take weeks now takes days. What used to take days now takes hours and so on.

Let’s look at some examples of this:

(a) Remember when you or your company ordered your first build-to-order PC? It was like buying a car. The pricing was even negotiable. It would take weeks for them to get the right parts, assemble it just the way you wanted it, and ship it to you. Place an order with Dell or Apple Computer today and they’ll ship it that day.

(b) What about activating a mobile phone? This used to take days; today, if you go into your local wireless provider’s store, you’ll have a working phone in your hands when you leave. What’s the risk of them not providing this service? You might go next door and discover that you can get the model you want from their competitor.

And these rates are continuing to accelerate. For example, how acceptable is it for as a result, businesses need to be able to quickly change to stay competitive. And IT needs to be able to support this acceleration by being more responsive to meet the needs of the business.
2. Tell us about Progress Software.

We are a global enterprise software company that enables organizations to achieve higher levels of business performance by improving their operational responsiveness. Operational responsiveness is the ability of business processes and systems to respond to changing business conditions and customer interactions as they occur. We offer a portfolio of best-in-class, real-time software solutions providing enterprises with significantly improved operational responsiveness within all events and activities that they participate.

Approximately half of our worldwide license revenue is realized through relationships with indirect channel partners, principally application partners and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Application partners are ISVs that develop and market applications using our technology and resell our products in conjunction with sales of their own products that incorporate our technology. These application partners sell business applications in diverse industries such as manufacturing, distribution, financial services, retail, government and health care. OEMs are companies that embed our products into their own software products or devices. We operate in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and the Asia/Pacific region through local subsidiaries as well as independent distributors.
3. Comment on the advent of Location Based Services.

First and Foremost, it’s great to see some of the barriers in the past for adoption of LBS have faded away. We believe the industry seems to be getting its act together in terms of value chain and is likely to test various monetizing methods to hit at the right business model.

Location Based Services is fairly widespread now and can be broadly or loosely classified in the following manner:

Those that deal with Tracking and Navigation Services, some of applications include- Buddy finder services, friends/family finder services, Google Apps, Improve Fleet Management, deploy personnel more efficiently etc.

Application Services such as those that are fuelled by Social Networking Apps and there are numerous examples of the same.

Mission Critical Apps such as Health Checks and Surveillance, Emergency Services etc which we believe would continue to gain traction.

We also believe Information Services will continue to evolve and gain traction. As per IEMR, LBS spends is slated to grow to 136 million by 2016 etc. The bottom-line is that this represents a huge growth opportunity for the entire ecosystem.
4. As demand for smartphones in India is evolving at a rapid pace, what do you think is the future of Location based apps in India?

We believe Smartphones are absolutely fuelling the demand today, and users who are driving the adoption of LBS have various reasons to do so. Some of them are listed out here:

Those who use it for Fun and for trying out new things, those who simply use it because their phone has the ability, who want to track their Favourite People/Places and there are also those who use because they believe they could get non-Telco related benefits such as discounts/offers on things/brands they are interested in.

I believe we are all aware of the prominence and popularity of Facebook Places, FourSquare or Gowalla. It will be safe to assume that Mobile is Driving Brand Engagement & Social Media.

5.How CSP’s can leverage Location in other ways to enhance Customer Loyalty?

Communication Service Providers can greatly benefit from LBS as well as a part of their strategy to enhance Customer Loyalty, focus on Long Term Retention and Driving Churn Rates down.

Some of the applications include- Local Promotions, information/offers Benefits when they are near a mall, provide information when they are near one of your stores, provide advertisements, provide know-how and background information of the location they are around etc.

But really, would these be successful? That’s the question we all need to ask.LBS in itself may lack real benefits. The real benefits would come when these applications are RELEVANT to the Subscriber and are instantaneously provided (in other words REAL TIME) to the subscriber. This could allow Communication Service Providers to absolutely drive an array of new business and consumer applications in the telecommunications industry.
6. Enlighten us about ‘Progress Situation Based Marketing’.

Progress Situation Based Marketing is all about providing the Right Offer at the Right Time. In other words, REAL TIME MARKETING. This innovative approach extends marketing efforts beyond traditional practices (segment, micro segments etc) and can help Communication Service Providers offer a range of personalized, location specific services towards building up stronger relationship with customers, higher response rates and eventually help maximize customer profitability over the subscriber lifecycle.
Our Solution allows Service Providers to:

-Correlate Location data with customer profile, preferences, and his other ongoing activities (from a variety of data sources) that could go a long way in ensuring RELEVANCE.

-Analyze and Act in Real Time so that instance response is possible.

-So that Service Providers are able to communicate effectively and build intimate relationships with their subscribers.

Our Solution also typically Co-exists with Existing Analytics/Campaign Management Layers aiding in leverage of existing investments.

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