12:14 pm - Friday 20 October 2017

Linkable Networks rolls out MyLinkables mobile app for Android and iOS

By insightVAS - Wed Mar 07, 11:54 am

Linkable Networks rolls out MyLinkables mobile app for Android and iOS Linkable Networks, a leader in card linked technology has launched “MyLinkables” mobile app (for Android and iOS) and its social API that allows developers to make linkable offers both mobile and shareable. Following the company’s recent mobile API launch with mphoria and CardStar, Inc (acquired by Constant Contact), retailers and brands such as Omaha Steaks, now implementing its second campaign – are already link-enabling offers in any mobile application. With this announcement, they can also make them shareable by their users, further building loyalty and enabling consumer to enjoy the convenience of linkable offers.

“We continue to deepen our commitment in the space with the new MyLinkables mobile app, mobile API and social API,” said Tom Burgess, CEO of Linkable Networks. “The growing consumer desire for ‘on-demand’ mobile access to any online properties, the proliferation of couponing and the mass appeal of sharing with friends told us it was time to bring even more convenience to shoppers with a MyLinkables app. With smartphone shopping on the rise, our new developer tools will allow mobile app developers to link enable any deal or ad, further proliferating card linked offers in the mobile world.”

Linkables introduced publicly in November 2011, allow advertisers to link-enable any advertisement in any online or traditional media. This gives consumers a quick and seamless savings experience by linking retail discounts they see in banner, text, video, mobile, TV and print ads directly to their credit or debit card of choice. Once the offer is redeemed, the savings is automatically posted back to that card. These link-enabled ads give consumers savings with top brands and retailers throughout the country, anything from anything from restaurants and specialty retail to convenience and grocery stores. Consumers can currently see link-enabled ads across a variety of media properties while browsing online.

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