12:22 pm - Friday 20 October 2017

Locaid to provide location services to mGaming apps of Cantor Gaming

By insightVAS - Mon May 07, 2:34 pm

Locaid, the world’s largest Location-as-a-Service company, has announced that it partnered with Cantor Gaming to provide location services for its mobile sports wagering application, available on all Android devices, including cell phones and tablets.

Locaid worked with Cantor Gaming to provide a secure and patented privacy platform that enabled Cantor Gaming to extend its wagering functionality beyond the casino floor. As a result, Cantor Gaming’s mobile sports wagering application allows customers access to the entire spectrum of wagers available in Cantor Race and Sports Books from anywhere in the state of Nevada.

By utilizing Locaid’s location services, Cantor Gaming’s application only works within the state of Nevada and will not function once patrons travel out-of-state, compliant with Nevada Gaming Control Board regulations. By using Locaid’s unspoofable, privacy protected, secure cell-ID location service, which checks a mobile device’s positioning against a geo-fence, Cantor Gaming can securely and instantly validate the location of a mobile device and determine if it is within the state boundaries. As a result, Cantor Gaming’s mobile sports wagering application can be used by the widest possible number of customers to wager through any Android device on any carrier network.

“To comply with state law, it was critical to ensure a mobile user’s location for mobile gaming and safeguard against today’s sophisticated spoofing technologies; Locaid enabled us to meet this challenge,” said Paul Williams, CTO of Cantor Gaming. “Locaid is the only compliant network location-based solution for mobile sports betting in Nevada, and their services allow us to extend our reach of mobile gaming to the entire state.”

“Locaid utilizes geofence technology that meets the most rigorous compliance standards in the country,” said Rip Gerber, President and CEO of Locaid. “Locaid is pleased to help Cantor ensure that mobile gamers only place wagers on their smartphones when they are physically located in a legally approved area. Our Location-as-a-Service is the ‘only game in town’ when it comes to authenticating the real world location of a smartphone in Nevada. As other states evaluate and adopt smartphone-based gaming, Locaid’s partnership with Cantor Gaming serves as a roadmap on how to deliver a superior mobile gaming experience that exceeds all federal and state compliance requirements.”

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