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Microsoft offers 20 different Windows based tablets

By insightVAS - Fri Mar 07, 9:04 pm

One can now choose from 20 different Windows-based tablets in India which are on offer from eight of Microsoft’s original equipment manufacturing partners. Eight of these tablets from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic and Lava were on display today at the Lalit in Delhi.

Windows tablets offer consumers the power of a PC in a tablet. They are also the only tablets which allow multiple user accounts. Windows-based tablets allow multi-tasking, so one can listen to music, do social networking and download a presentation all at the same time. They come pre-installed with Microsoft Windows Home and Office 2013 and best of all, all Windows tablets are equipped with all-purpose ports that can connect to the TV via HDMI, the Internet via a dongle or a keyboard/printer/mouse/headphone via a USB port.

Since its introduction in mid-2010, the tablet category has witnessed huge growth in demand and shipments. Currently the hand-held segment leads with an impressive annual growth of 629 percent*. Consumer usage patterns around technology are constantly evolving and what people are doing with technology today is vastly different from what we have seen a few short years ago. Given the ease with which tablets enable convergence, the popularity of this device comes as no surprise.

Mostly people use a tablet for social networking and messaging. Students use the device largely for education and entertainment, while young professionals tend to use it more for connectivity. And interestingly, 20 percent of tablet owners use it as their computing device. That goes to show how for technology users the world of work and world of play are meshing into each other. There are now no hard lines between personal and professional activities and consumers are looking for devices that are flexible and services that follow them everywhere.

A big part of using a tablet for work and play are the apps. The apps make the experience rich and useful. With Windows customers can choose from 140,000 apps in the Windows Store and over 200,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store. Our customers have already downloaded Windows and Windows Phone apps over 250,000 million times! What more, we are adding new apps every day many of which are specially for Indian customers.

“We, at Microsoft, are committed to offering consumers the best experiences. We are proud to share the availability of 20 different Windows tablets that Indian customers can choose from. Our partners and OEMs have shown a great amount of faith in the Windows OS and we thank them for that,”said,  Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman, Microsoft India.


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