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Mobile Marketing: A tool that help brands to grow

By insightVAS - Mon Mar 24, 7:55 pm

With the recent development of technology especially in the field of telecommunications, shopping, selling and buying any commodity or daily utility is just a click away. In this scenario a strong marketing strategy can help a brand establish itself in this competitive market and with this comes the emergence of mobile marketing as an innovative tool. Vikram Raichura, MD, VivaConnect in a chat with insightVAS discussed the advantages and scope of mobile marketing for the brands

 insightVAS: Please brief us about VivaConnect and also mention about the solutions that you provide.

Vikram Raichura: VivaConnect is the Largest Voice & Missed Call company in India to provide Mobility solutions. We manage a daily traffic of over 30 million outbound calls through our pool of 1200 PRIs.

In addition to those, our offering also includes Mobile Apps, Email & SMS. We empower businesses to engage, gratify & analyze their customers across the mobile horizon. Operating through our offices at Mumbai & Delhi, our clientele features FMCG Brands, Banks, Finance & Broking Firms, Television Channels, Media Houses, Quick service restaurants, etc.
insightVAS: Mention any one solution that has been successful and helped brands to grow.
Vikram Raichura: Solutions based over Voice platform have always played a popular role and worked wonders for many brands. Especially when they are coupled with Toll free numbers & Missed call services.

For a Radio station, we executed a Voice Call Campaign (OBD) where residents of the chosen regions received a call that played popular regional songs. If the caller wishes to listen to such songs on demand, he can subscribe to the service for free by making an input through keypad during the call. The campaign has boosted the listenership of Radio station as 5+ Lakh callers connect over call each single day.

Our services respect and follow TRAI’s regulations & hence excludes the numbers listed under Do Not Disturb.
insightVAS: How important is mobile marketing in today’s world?

Vikram Raichura: In this modern day of marketing battle ground where Digital media takes the front row, Mobile emerges as the best platform for it, guaranteeing an Individual reach.

Thus it becomes highly essential for extending services over mobile for every brand regardless of their sector, product or service.

The reason is quite simple, Mobile phones have grown from being just a calling device into a splendid one point connect to the world around. They not only bring the world to us but even take us around the globe.

Also one needs to understand that Mobile marketing is not about selling or upselling things over mobile, instead it’s about being available at the point when the customers need your services. Just like a friend or a dear one who is always just a missed call away.
insightVAS: How do you help to sell a brand?

Vikram Raichura: Our services enable customer engagement in the simplest way to the end user over Mobile, directly resulting in 20 x higher interaction.

The services are made available absolutely free of cost to the end user (except for our product: LiveTalk) & they aim to simplify customers activity and transaction with the brand. Consider the Missed Call Balance check service for the bank customers that saves customer a hassle of visiting bank each time he wants to know his account balance. Then, voting one’s favorite star & artist for upcoming awards function simply by giving a missed call and so on.

Our solutions add up credibility, value and esteem to build up brand value & ultimately leading to increase in sales.
insightVAS: How has been the market doing?

Vikram Raichura: Mobile marketing is constantly evolving with Mobile Handsets & Technology growing finer by the day. Brands are opting for creative initiative & useful services for their customers.

Introduction of newer platforms of Android & iOS (for Apple iPhone & iPad) has brought in Mobile Applications, opening up a new world for interaction & engagement. Google Play store & iTunes is flooded with millions of useful applications.

The upcoming ‘Augmented Reality’adds a superb new dimension for smart placement of brands. It takes us beyond the visible, by decoding a hidden message in an image to unlock a special message, deliver information or simply enhance engagement.
insightVAS: What is your go-to-market strategy?

Vikram Raichura: Currently our Target Group is of Brands, Television Channels & Enterprises. As a strategic decision we’ve partnered with Zee Cine Awards 2014, with our product iVote for empowering Missed Call Voting Platform for viewers across India.

We publish articles for online & print media encompassing different topics of Mobility solutions & Technology, we have occasional press releases featuring our new products and services and also weekly posts over company’s blogs (blog.vivaconnect.in)

To offer a complete 100 percent in Mobility solutions, we’ve merged with Movivation labs to include Mobile Applications in our services.

To offer an easy pick for our customers we’ve productized our services as iVote – for voting over missed call, MoRe – a mobile talk time recharge service, LiveTalk – Audio broadcasting of live events and so on.
insightVAS: What kind of competition do the company face?

Vikram Raichura: We offer a wide range of products & services covering the connect over Mobile. As a result we don’t face direct competition from a single company. There’s competition to our individual product & Services from other companies who have service offering on same lines.

Presently we are the largest in Voice & Missed call services in India and have earned a prominent position for ourselves in the industry.
insightVAS: What are the future plans of the company?

Vikram Raichura: We are planning for a systematic expansion in a phased manner across countries of Middle East & SE Asia. Our research shows a positive response from Middle Eastern countries towards our business. Thereafter next on our radar are SE Asian countries like Indonesia and Philippines. These are markets projecting potential capability for our mobility products.

We might consider any potential investors if the prospects seem appealing.


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