04:39 pm - Wednesday 22 November 2017

Mobile Money Order coming soon!

By insightVAS - Wed Jul 04, 11:03 am

Sending a Money Order from your mobile phone to villages and other remote locations in India will soon be a common day activity. No more waiting for days on end for a money order to arrive at a remote location. You simply input the amount and press a few simple commands and the recipient will receive an SMS alert after which he can collect the cash from the nearest post office.

The Department of Posts (DoP) has contracted with the nation’s premier mobile service provider, BSNL, on a commission basis to provide express money order services to villages and remote locations in India. The project will be piloted in August-September 2012 in the states of Bihar, Delhi, Kerela and Punjab.

The Money Order service will undoubtedly be a boon for aged parents living in villages whose children support them financially on a monthly basis. It will also be a much needed service for metro based construction companies for making payments to its permanent and non-permanent laborer employees.

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