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Mobile Money : The primary focus of Tri-O-Tech Solutions

By insightVAS - Mon Jan 20, 4:07 pm

In a conversation about the VAS industry with Rajesh Kaul, Co-Founder, Director, Tri-O-Tech Solutions discussed the evolution and trends of the industry. He also put forward the primary focus of the company that is to build Mobile Money eco-system and elaborated on future plans.

insightVAS: How has been the VAS industry in India?

Rajesh Kaul: VAS industry has been going through a roller coaster ride for past one year and presently is hovering at the lower end of the curve. There have been many challenges, like uneven revenue share distribution, Regulatory challenges, which has forced industry to start thinking differently.

Now I see VAS industry going through a complete new evolution (1.0 to 2.0)… moving from traditional play (ABC) to more customer centric play (Health, Education, Interactive Applications) which will help in improving the business scenario.

insightVAS: What are the challenges that the company is facing these days?

Rajesh Kaul: In this volatile market, most challenging aspect is to sustain the year over year growth. Other challenge is to keep the ecosystem compliant with the changing regulatory directions. Also keep innovating in the VAS space to be ahead of the curve.

insightVAS: How far Smartphone growth and data penetration helping your company?

Rajesh Kaul: Off course Smartphone penetration is a positive step towards growth of application driven industry. Interaction of application with a phone using the portal play eliminates the direct operator intervention. In this value chain, operator derives the revenue from their core business, which is net usage (direct data growth) and application companies have their right share form the portal downloads.

insightVAS: What trends are you observing in MVAS ecosystem and its implication?

Rajesh Kaul: With regulatory tightening, this market will remain for serious players, who are going to invest in technology and developing customer related application, which touches general consumers in their daily life.

Also still the major challenge in this business is about how you pay money for buying applications, utilities etc. Mobile Money (Wallet) will pave the way towards how consumer pays going forward, especially the ones who still don’t have credit/debit card (which is still the major population). Transactions will become easy… one of the use cases, which could become popular, would be the domestic remittance for migratory workers.

insightVAS: What is the current market share of Tri-O-Tech?

Rajesh Kaul: We continue to focus primarily in two areas –

  • Developing / delivering key applications in the area of Health, Entertainment and Education.
  • Build a strong ecosystem for implementing Mobile Money play across length and breadth of this country.

We believe these two would put us in the niche segment of the market.

insightVAS: Future plans of the company.

Rajesh Kaul: We would start exploring International shores in this financial year to increase the revenue potential.

insightVAS: What is the next big thing that we can expect from Tri-O-Tech?

Rajesh Kaul: As indicated above, we are working closely on the ecosystem of Mobile Money Play and few of the initiatives have already been rolled out and would add on new use cases to exploit this market in totality across the country.

insightVAS: What are the upcoming trends and technologies on which the company will be focusing on next year?

Rajesh Kaul: M2M and use of analytics to analyze profiles, interest and usage of consumers are some of the initiatives on which we would and are working on presently. These initiatives would help us in customizing our offering for a particular segment of consumers.

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