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Mobile phone App allows you to read at your convenient time

By Parvina Purkayastha - Mon Oct 08, 2:33 pm

Apps select and serve what they think you would like to read

Too much of anything is bad. Today one wonders if the digital world had done good or bad to the vivid readers. With the invent of too many websites one confuses oneself as time cannot increase in the same rate

You often come across interesting written pieces but time does not allow you to complete reading the articles. Perhaps you don’t even remember which was the website among the multiple sites. It is also likely while you travel the signal or the internet may not support you enough to read it entirely. All of this inevitably results in you not being able to catch up on your reading, sometimes missing out on critical information and news that could have a bearing on your finances.

Yes, you believe it or not, a lot of applications have been launched for tablets and mobile phones, which can give you the time and habit of reading at a convenient time.

To make your job easier and deliver all important informations, in some cases the apps select and serve what they think you would like to read, allowing you to scan it at one go when you have time, without the hassle of remembering URLs or going online.

Often referred to as ‘offline readers’, these apps download articles you select or which they recommend, depending on your reading profile in the background whenever you have an Internet connection running, and then provide access to them when you have the time.

Here are some that can help boost your reading habit.

Wi-Fi or 3G gadget?

Always being connected through a 3G mobile network may be important to some people, but gadgets with this facility are also more expensive than their Wi-Fi  counterparts.

In fact, the latter have exactly the same features that are available in their 3G avatars, yet will be cheaper by Rs2,500 or more. If you don’t need to access the Net frequently and are comfortable using the apps to do most of your reading offline, save money by buying the Wi-Fi variant.

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