12:44 pm - Wednesday 18 October 2017

Olacabs launches Real-Time Cab Booking On Mobile

By insightVAS - Wed Jun 13, 4:06 pm

Olacabs, one of the leading aggregators of car rentals and point-to-point cab services, has released a mobile app that will allow users to book and monitor cabs in real-time on their smartphones. This is a much needed app, especially for frequent road travelers in India. The app is currently available on Android platform and will soon be available on iPhone as well as BlackBerry version.

With Olacabs application, travelers can view and book the cabs in their vicinity and track its movement towards them with a one-touch interface on their smartphones. It also provides users instantaneous confirmation of booking along with necessary details like the name of the cab driver and vehicle number, distance from the user’s location as well as expected time taken to reach the location. It also tracks and shows the real time movement of the cab from its location to the location of the customer, on a map. By providing direct interface between the customer and the cab, this app eliminates the ambiguity of not knowing where the cab is, or how long the driver will take to reach the destination and provides greater control and real time information at the customer’s disposal. Thus, this is also a boon for out of town visitors looking for a safe and assured trip to their destinations.

Registered users can also maintain a credit balance with Olacabs and use the service through the app as and when needed, without having to pay for the trip.

Operations inside the car are managed through an android phone that acts as an in-car navigation device and fare meter. With the built in GPS system and location sharing, the app also ensures that a customer does not waste valuable time speaking to the customer care or the driver multiple times to provide directions. The driver reaches the pick-up point on his own.

This app also provides a boost to the business for cab drivers as they are able to get customers faster through efficient management of taxi time due to technologies like GPS, constant traffic alerts and real-time demand estimation.


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