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Only 15 percent smartphone users ever download an app

By insightVAS - Mon Feb 17, 4:34 pm

In this growing era of data when people are switching from basic handsets to feature phones and smartphones, only 15 percent of the smartphone users ever download an app to their phone. While discussing the reason behind it, Niyati Shah, MD and CEO of Shotformats, also talked about the revolutionary concept of Offline App Store.   

insightVAS: Give us a brief about Shotformats and also shed some light on the offerings? 

Niyati Shah: Shotformats is a path-breaking contender in the mobile Value Added Services (VAS) space. The company’s priority is to create and deploy VAS solutions and applications for media houses, telecommunication firms, film companies, labels, application developers and content providers, among others. Shotformats specializes in providing end-to-end solutions — from platform ownership to billing and provisioning to device testing — with services that bring together content, technology and device expertise; this facilitates an enhanced digital experience for its clients. Shotformats’ latest offering is a revolutionary first of its kind ‘Offline App Store’. The portfolio of apps includes a huge catalogue of movies, music, games and utility.

insightVAS: How are you finding the telecom VAS company?

Niyati Shah: The telecom VAS industry is currently going through a rough phase due to the new regulations setting and changes in the consumption pattern of the consumers.

insightVAS: Please enlighten us about Offline App Store and Digital Currency. What is the scope of this business?

Niyati Shah: When we were analyzing the overall app Industry in India we noticed that just 15 percent of smartphones users ever downloaded an app to their phones. There were many reasons for it, but the main was “lack of awareness, i.e. where to download the apps from”. So we decided to reach the consumers directly at places frequented by them namely mobile recharge shops and shops selling mobile accessories.

insightVAS: How will this impact the mobile content consumption and entertainment industry?

Niyati Shah: This will impact the consumption on the mobile phones as there will be legal and high-quality content available on the mobile. For the content owners, it is a new stream to monetize their content.

insightVAS: What strategies are you adopting to stay competitive?

Niyati Shah: We concentrate heavily on developing apps suiting the needs of the Indian consumer. We have developed apps such as Hindi Calculator, Saree-Blouse design apps, etc. We take regular feedbacks from the market as to what is the specific requirement from the market. We also continuously acquire new content from the market Ram-Leela & R…Rajkumar being our latest acquisitions.

insightVAS: What are the future plans of the company?

Niyati Shah: At this point of time we are present in six states; we intend to spread our presence pan-India across 10,000 retail outlets by the end of the year.

insightVAS: What trends are you observing in the mobile content industry?

Niyati Shah: Mobile content industry is plagued with piracy. But I would like to bring one thing to your attention that when a consumer goes for downloading songs from a retailer in the market, the consumer is not given a choice; in simple words, the consumer has to accept whatever content the retailer transfers to his phone. And also of recent music labels and bodies like PPL have started conducting regular raids in the market to crackdown piracy.

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