12:37 pm - Wednesday 18 October 2017

OurWeddingUsher.com mobile app: No more wedding guests lost between the ceremony and reception

By insightVAS - Mon Apr 30, 2:52 pm

OurWeddingUsher.com mobile app for wedding guests provides an easy way to share a wedding schedule, directions to the main venues, important people on couple’s story, and even alerts if a road closes just before the rehearsal dinner.

Wedding guests can create a collective photo album, with pictures taken from the iPhones or Android devices. Candid photos, shared by all wedding guests, are uploaded into one album, enriched with comments and wishes from all.

For Wedding Planners that are trendsetters for the industry, this is an opportunity to provide one more white-glove service for the wedded couple, and ensure a stress free event for all guests. OurWeddingUsher offers a beta program for the Innovators in the wedding industry, and wedding planners and innovators can sign up for The Usher Club.

“The question we get a lot as wedding planners is “how many ushers?”. The general rule is one usher for every 50 guests. Now, we are changing the game. A personal usher for each of your wedding guests, via mobile technology” said Ken Burns, External Relations.

If one of the wedding guests lost the map insert for the reception hall, one tap on the mobile app will show on Google maps what is the shortest route there, and when the reception starts, exactly. Who just toasted the couple – the mobile app section on snapshots of “important people on the couple life” gives the answer. There is optional social media integration, so a guest can even connect with the groomsman via Twitter, Linked or Facebook.

The wedding vendors can have a dedicated section on the mobile app as well, so if a guest really likes that wedding cake, disk jockey, wedding venue decorator, or wedding invitation calligraphy, just one tap on the iPhone will contact the vendor and ask for more information. Or follow them on Twitter.

Be that an iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or an Android tablet or phone, the content will be available online or offline for the native apps. A wedding guest will be able to browse the wedding guide even on the plane, with no connectivity, and arrive at the wedding fully up to speed on the details. The app has even a section for the Top 10 things to do in the city during the wedding weekend.

The native app will be released in May on iPhone and iPad, and early June for Android smartphones.

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