04:54 am - Thursday 27 April 2017

Princess and Pony: A puzzle game for iPhone

By insightVAS - Thu Mar 29, 4:33 pm

Rainbow Stories today is pleased to introduce Princess and Pony – Puzzle Game for Girls, their new, animated jigsaw puzzle app for young kids. The game includes 30 wonderfully illustrated jigsaw puzzle games. This application has been especially tailored to meet the needs of the youngest children, aged from 2 to 9. The application makes it possible to begin playing with simple six-piece jigsaw puzzles and finish with complex sixteen-piece ones, all to the sounds of wonderfully composed music.

* 30 marvelously illustrated jigsaw puzzles
* 3 difficulty levels to choose from
* Easy and fully user-friendly interface
* Wonderful music
* Great way of developing perceptive skills in young children

User can set the game parameters to fit the present development stage of the child. Besides choosing the number of pieces the illustration will be cut into, there is also a possibility of smooth precision adjustment. Beginning with low precision setting, a child will be able to drop a piece of a jigsaw puzzle considerably away from its right place and it will be automatically adjusted to the correct position. At the high precision setting, a child will have to operate with a surgeon’s precision in order to fix the puzzle pieces in their places.

Princess and Pony – Puzzle Game for Girls is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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