04:31 pm - Wednesday 22 November 2017

QA Graphics rolls out Coffee Quest mobile app for Android devices

By insightVAS - Thu Apr 05, 3:59 pm

QA Graphics, an Iowa interactive design firm has released a free mobile app for Android devices called, Coffee Quest. The mobile app demonstrates QA Graphics’ mobile application development capabilities.

The Coffee Quest app serves as a quirky decision maker to help users determine a beverage choice. The entertaining application takes users on a coffee adventure, inquiring about their drink preferences, asking how much caffeine they want, whether they want their drink hot or cold etc. The app guides the user through these questions with amusing illustrations and witty dialogue based on the user’s given responses, and then suggests a drink that may fit their mood.

Coffee Quest is a free app available for Android users. It can be downloaded in Google Play (formally known as the Android Market). This app demonstrates QA Graphic’s mobile app development capabilities. It was created for the food and restaurant industry as the company provides a variety of creative services for this industry, including nutritional kiosks and other digital signage needs.
When considering having an application created, organizations do not need to choose between creating an app just for Android or iOS. QA Graphics is capable of developing apps for use across multiple platforms, including Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Android and BlackBerry devices. This allows companies to save significant time and money. QA Graphics is a certified member of Apple’s iOS Developer Program and can create apps for the App Store, Google Play (formally known as the Android Market), Amazon Appstore or for proprietary solutions.

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