12:39 pm - Wednesday 18 October 2017

Report: Smartphone users like websites than app for online shopping

By insightVAS - Fri Jun 07, 4:35 pm

A survey reveals, in-spite of growing adaptability of smartphones among Indians, still they like websites rather than an application for online shopping. Close to 25 percent of smartphone-users in country prefer to shop online than use shopping apps, a study by research firm Nielsen said.

“When it comes to accessing content on the smartphone, there has been an increasing preference for apps over websites. However, in the shopping genre, the smartphone audience still prefers websites,” the study said.

“Shopping apps are still in a very nascent stage with just 3 percent of smartphone users accessing them. On the other hand, 1 in 4 (25 percent) smartphone users access shopping websites at least once a month, clearly indicating a preference for the website platform,” it added.

According to the study, a greater percentage of smartphone-users aged over 40 years, access shopping properties at least once a month.

The data of the survey is accumulated from the responses given by over 10,000 smartphone-users in October 2012. It was also found that more smartphone-users aged between 25 and 35 years engaged in m-commerce. Of these, 8 percent said that they have made online purchases on their devices, which is higher than any other age group.

The study said that Flipkart is the most popular shopping website with a reach of 5 percent closely followed by eBay at 4 percent.

As far as shopping apps are concerned, eBay has the highest penetration with just over 1 percent of smartphone-users accessing the app at least once a month, while Flipkart comes in second with a reach of just under one percent.

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