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Revenue share has to be more justified than being skewed towards the operators: Udit Shanker, CEO, TeleDNA

By Nitesh Sharma - Fri Jul 13, 11:58 am

Mr. Udit Shanker, CEO, TeleDna, completed his BE from BITS (Pilani) and then his MBA from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai. A strong marketing and sales professional, Udit has immense knowledge of the Telecom industry with specific focus on the VAS space. Udit has worked Norsk Data, the ICI Group, Airtel, Avaya Global Connect and Acision India. In his last role as VP, South West Asia, Udit was responsible for defining and executing strategies for the region covering India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives & Pakistan. He is credited with strong topline growth and robust performance having created new avenues of business and built an extremely competitive customer facing team with a common vision and established extremely innovative employee engagement programs.

InsightVAS brings you his views on current status of MVAS industryHave a look:

1. What are your views on current status of MVAS industry?

  • There needs to a big change in the way business is carried b/w operators & VAS vendors. Revenue share has to be more justified than being skewed towards the operators.
  • An eco system need to be build with major stake holders being, Operators, Government and VAS vendors to encourage innovation in the VAS space.
  • More investment has to be pumped in Local content and digitizing the local content, reach to rural customer will build the next stream of VAS revenues.
  • Affordable Smart phones will change the VAS market in the coming future.

2. Please give us an overview on TeleDNA, its VAS offerings in India, products- solutions and customers etc?

TeleDNA specialises in providing carrier grade messaging solutions, mobile billing & rating engine, bulk messaging, service delivery platform, Wireless broadband gateway, mobile advertising, social media platform, Location based mobile applications, Mobile Sales Force Management, Fleet/assets Management, Enterprise mobile applications and managed services. TeleDNA is on the forefront of next generation mobile technology and innovation. Our focus and approach makes us share common goals with our clients, which is to grow along with the business and adapt to market situations. Leading Tier 1 telecom operators across the globe are using our mobile applications and witnessing development, higher returns and greater customer satisfaction.

Product Suite:

Messaging Soln
Data Products
Enterprise Mobility
Managed Services
WAP Gateway
Enterprise Messaging
Offshore Development
Broadband Gateway
Mobile Sales Force Automation
Installation Service
Service Delivery Platform
Fleet Management
Onsite Managed Services
USSD Gateway
Rating & Billing Engine
Mobile Health Care
Support Centres
SMS Anti Spam
Enterprise Utility app
Personalization engine
Setsail-Travel & Tourism service
Smart Messaging Router
Enterprise Tracking & Surveillance
Campaign Manger
Location Based Application
Cell Broadcast Service

3. Enlighten us about ‘TeleDNA M2M Platform’.

The advances in network technology, specifically, 3G and 4G/LTE has thrown open a huge opportunity for utilizing the increased bandwidth for business applications. With advances in consumer device technology making them cheaper and widely available, the Machine-to-Machine applications and services are poised to harness the higher bandwidth availability from 3G/4G/LTE networks. This development will increase the penetration of M2M applications and Telecom operators also would want to encourage and play a key role in the M2M ecosystem to monetize the 4G/LTE infrastructure. The need of the hour is to enable an efficient service delivery ecosystem that will achieve the following: Facilitate shorter concept-to-market timeframe for M2M applications and services Reduced capital/operational expense and improved margins for all players in the ecosystem

TeleDNA M2M Platform has been built with Open interfaces based on Service Oriented Framework architecture and the platform is built with prebuilt and tested components that are essentially called “Building blocks” and these building blocks provide rapid development and deployment of scalable and extensible M2M Applications.

Benefits for Telecom operators:

  • Monetize the network technology investments by offering innovative M2M applications and services quickly and in a cost effective manner.
  • Ability to attract M2M application developers and application service providers with TeleDNA’s M2M Platform that can support diverse types of devices, network technologies, rich suite of applications and operational services.

Benefits for M2M Application Developers and Providers:

  • Cost and time from concept to market is reduced.
  • Access to development SDK, building blocks and ready to use applications brings down the application development time and cost significantly.
  • Need to focus only on application logic – the rest – infrastructure, devices, network and Service life-cycle management functions are taken care of by TeleDNA’s M2M Platform.
  • Staging Server to test and deploy applications

4. With the advent of 4G, how do you see the future of VAS in Indian market? 

  • 4G would depend on the price regulation by the Telcos & support TRAI regulation to make it affordable.
  • 4G handsets are still out of reach for common man. It is still a long way to go for mass adoption of 4G services.
  • Telcos & VAS vendors need to work on ecosystem to build VAS products which will utilize the 4G capability effectively. This can be achieved by bringing innovation in products more on infotainment and utility services.
  • Enterprise mobility is also another segment which can benefit immensely from 4G service.
  • The future looks bright provided Regulations, Telcos & VAS service providers work in tandem and collaborate to provide the innovate services and products.

5. What is the market potential of (Cell Broadcast Centre) CBC?

CBC is still in its nascent stage; adoption has been slow in this technology. But this service has a potential to generate huge revenue for both Telcos and service providers. Today most of the markets are using this service to send emergency alerts and service message. Product companies are exploring opportunities for brand promotions and generating leads. TeleDNA has been on the forefront to innovation on CBC. Our CBC product has been field tested for last half a decade and has evolved to a robust, highly efficient system. TeleDNA is working is working with various government agencies to explore the potential of CBC during natural calamities and national emergencies. We are also working with Telcos & media agencies to create product, which has very high revenue potential. CBC is the promise the future holds which will bring in the next phase of growth for telecom industry.

6. What are the innovations taking place in SMSC and in your R&D particularly?

The Messaging arising out of SMSC needs to move to an entire new level. These would be personalised services on SMS like Out of Office services (like Emails), Message copy, forward function, Parental control, Black listing and white listing, Auto Reply of messages. These would create complete new user experience in personalization and the user would be able to subscribe to the services of his choice. These services can also be offered in MMSC’s.

These would create a complete new revenue stream for the Telecom operators and such services are already operational in some counties in APAC and are generating Data revenues for the operators.

7. How successful have TeleDNA been in providing innovative value-added services to the fast growing telecom market in India?

TeleDNA has been forerunner in the field of Innovation and cutting edge telecom products. TeleDNA has pioneered products like, Messaging Solutions, Data products, Cell Broadcast services & Location based applications. TeleDNA is creating future ready solutions on Enterprise mobile applications and aims to become the market leaders in this domain. TeleDNA has been conferred with numerous awards for the achievements in this field.

  • In 2010 TeleDNA was awarded as “Emerging Indian VAS infrastructure provider” by INFOCOM-CMAI National Telecom Awards for its state of Art, next generation, carrier grade VAS infrastructure products.
  • TeleDNA was awarded “The NASSCOM Emerge 50 (2010) – The League of Top 10 honour conferred in recognition for its outstanding work in the EMERGE 50 Products category.

8. What are your future endeavours and expansion plans?

  • TeleDNA’s strategy has always been customer centric,
  • It is built on the flexibility and turnaround of response time
  • Apart from having offices in Bangalore and Delhi, TeleDNA has recently opened office in Dubai just to ensure presence in front of the customer.
  • TeleDNA is investing in R&D, Making our existing product portfolio highly scalable and adaptable for the ever changing Telecom market.
  • Key Focus for this year is to Partner with Telcos as “Strategic Business Partner” to become a business enabler for them.
  • Invest in New technologies and services, Mobile applications, Managed Services, Virtualized platforms and location based services are the Key Focus.
  • Collaboration with Key partners across the globe in both business and technology to reach bigger markets and clients.

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