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‘SMS Cap’ fades the charm of Ramzan Eid.

By Parvina Purkayastha - Mon Aug 20, 1:24 pm

In the age of technology the inveterate texting community is using online tools to beat the SMS cap.

This Eid and Onam  season, and the new restriction on SMSes is killing the festivity mood.

The incendiary messages that provoked the exodus of northeast people from metros and many other cities.A government order which restricts more than 5 sms a day is now followed by a confusion among the operators. In such cases operators seem to want to err on the said of caution.

The confusion lies on ‘bulk SMS’, which one wonders if it aims at stopping individuals SMSes or five together. The way the order is abruptly ordered and implemented has caused the confusion. Some subscribers are continuing to enjoy unlimited usage, may be some operators could not roll out across circles.

The order is meant to prevail peace and to stop the Assam immigrants moving back to their hometown. The biggest impact of this will be on festival days. Today is Ramzan Eid and Onam fall within the 15-day period, and these are days when lakhs of SMS greetings are sent. Commercial establishments gearing up to wish and make offers to customers on Eid and Onam through SMSs will also be adversely impacted. All of this will mean a big loss for telecom operators.

The order from the government is meant to put a full stop to the growing uncertanity, but coincidentally it coincided with the festival season. Whether  it is birthday or eid, technology connects you to the loved ones which makes your life easy and meaningful. But the time to issue the SMS cap order had striked the wrong chord and have hurt the sentiments of subscribers. Rather if the order was immediately after Mumbai riot the exodus could have been stopped.

In the age of digital media the inveterate texting community is using an online tool to beat the SMS cap. They have downloaded online applications like WhatsApp and Nimbuzz that allow web-based instant messaging across continents for free. Just as BlackBerry has its messenger service, these online apps can be used for messaging through other phones, and they need not be smartphones. All that they have to make sure is to have an internet connection in their device. Looking at the Indian population and the mobile users, the updated applications and the devices to support such programs doesn’t access in their life.

Joby Babu, head of operations in Nimbuzz, said their average daily new user registrations had risen by about 15% in the past week, ever since rumours about an SMS clampdown started. “On one day, it rose 20%,” he said. Out of Nimbuzz’s 102 million registered users globally, about 18 million are in India. Youngsters are the biggest users of SMS, and many of them are upset by the SMS restriction.

We understand the requirements of such an facility, but an attempt by government to curb the sms is to reconcile peace . Therefore we too appeal to not misunderstand the order but joins hands to from sending wrong messages.

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