04:58 am - Thursday 27 April 2017

Snapper launches mPayments service with 2degrees

By insightVAS - Fri May 04, 5:05 pm

New Zealand-based contactless payments company Snapper, has announced in Wellington the launch of Snapper Mobile allowing customers to pay for everyday items, check their balance and top up on-the-go – all from the convenience of their smartphone.

A little more magic

Miki Szikszai, Snapper CEO says, “Snapper is the magic way to pay for everyday things, including bus fares, taxis, coffee and food. For the first time, New Zealanders can pay for everyday things with their mobile phone. This is truly ground breaking.”

The Snapper Mobile app works on Android smartphones with NFC and can be downloaded from Google Play.

A great Kiwi partnership

“Snapper has partnered with NZ’s most innovative mobile phone company ‘2degrees mobile’ to bring the first truly mobile wallet to Kiwis. Snapper and 2degrees are a perfect fit when it comes to our values and the way we strive to make things easier and better for customers.”

Szikszai continues, “We knew we had to make payments better with this product. 2degrees committed to the same outcome right from the start.”

2degrees CEO, Eric Hertz, says “Touch2Pay will make payment faster and easier for people on the go. We have been working non-stop to ensure we are first to market with this new technology, which marks the future role of mobile in our day-to-day lives.”

Not just a first for New Zealanders

Mr Szikszai continues, “Customers have increasingly been asking us for a mobile solution. What Snapper customers now have access to is something quite special. The only significant commercial deployments of everyday retail payments – including public transport solutions – on a mobile phone have been in places like South Korea and Japan. This is not only a first for New Zealand, we haven’t seen anything like this launched with this scale in the Western world.”

Free Weekends

“We’ve also put together a special introductory offer that customers are sure to enjoy. For customers that connect a Touch2Pay handset with Snapper Mobile before 31 July, they’ll receive 1GB of free mobile broadband zone data and free weekend travel of GO Wellington and Valley Flyers bus services, until the end of 2012, “ Szikszai said.

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