12:40 pm - Wednesday 18 October 2017

Special module ‘IOBD’ to enable telecom operators in improving customer loyalty

By Parvina Purkayastha - Thu Oct 11, 2:35 pm

New features to strengthen VOBD and IVR

Netxcell Limited, India’s leading telecom VAS Provider Company, today announced their new age IVR and Video OBD products with additional innovative features thereby adding to their Video deliverable capabilities on voice and data products and applications across all channels.

Netxcell took the lead by developing the first Video OBD (Outbound Dialing) last year for the 3G market and another product Single IVR, an advanced Interactive Voice Response technology platform. It has now made significant changes to its IVR Module and OBD product by adding a number of new services. These additional features will enhance the customer loyalty by offering better connectivity and will also enable the telecom operators in analyzing the impact of the particular campaign or promotion which ultimately plays an important role in adding to the top lines of the telecom operators.

Benefits & Advantages

To the operators

Through the implementation of Netxcell’s IOBD and IVR, the telecom operators will be in a position to reach to their subscribers in a shorter time span and increase their contact percentage. These products are also flexible and scalable to match the dynamic requirements of the telecom operators as well as the subscribers. It will enable the operators to capture the required data for evaluating the impact of the product promotion campaigns to not only better their existing offerings but also tap the new unexplored avenues. In addition to promote new promotions the telecom operators will also be able to integrate these product offerings with the operator’s billing system to immediately convert the campaign into business.

IOBD (Intelligent OBD) to strengthen Location Based Services portfolio

Netxcell’s IOBD is an inbuilt module of the OBD product portfolio of Netxcell. This new addition is capable of querying the core network elements of the operator to identify the subscriber location. Another prominent version, Intelligent OBD is designed to deliver Instant Alert and Call Patching in much shorter time duration than currently possible (the moment customer comes back to the network thus ensuring the communication flow to him without missing out); These features enables the telecom operator to recognize when a subscriber latches onto a network and then help the system to connect the call accordingly. This will help in increasing the contact percentage, thus enhancing the productivity of a marketing campaign. It also supports the telecom operator through a number of new services like Customer profiling, Segmented Campaigning, User Behavior Analysis, Business Intelligence Module to name a few.


The New Age VOBD (Video Outbound Dialer)

The new version of Video OBD has an extremely advanced feature that differentiates with earlier version. The product is now more interactive and can support multiple audio & video codec’s which will help telecom operators in bringing a greater range of 3G handsets into the ambit of Video OBD services for a greater penetration which in turn results in better revenue.. It will also enable the operator to run Video Contests and promotions of movie trailers as well in a much better manner as the subscribers will be able to …visually experience, interact and participate in a virtual contest environment and get a feel of new movies to be released at the comfort of their handsets.

Improved IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

The improved IVR module from Netxcell has additional important features like Call Patching and Call Conferencing which will enhance the overall user experience. It will also enable Subscription Based IVR services, SMS Notification, IN activations through IVR, Information Based IVR services etc to cater to the market. These additional services will strengthen the competitiveness of Netxcell’s IVR module.

Speaking about these enhanced services Mr. Debasis Chatterji, CEO – Netxcell Limited said “Our focus is to continue delivering year on year excellence to our clients through innovation and hence IVR and VOBD are the areas where we have innovated. These additional features in these products will add significant value to our customers and will strengthen our position in the market as the innovators. We constantly strive to bring in the flexibility and scalability to our products and solutions that will enable us to penetrate into newer markets thereby enhancing growth for the company. “


To the End Users (Mobile phone subscriber):

The subscribers will be able to enjoy new product offerings from the telecom operators as with the implementation of Netxcell’s IOBD, the telecom operators will be able to evaluate the success of current promotions and understand the requirements of subscribers better. The improved IVR will help in completely eliminating the barriers of linguistics and illiteracy, particularly in semi urban and rural geographies as the communication will be in a recorded voice format as per the choice of the language preferred by the subscriber.

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