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Tabbedout Mobile Payment solution now available at Pancho Villa’s Mexican Cuisine

By insightVAS - Sat Mar 17, 3:34 pm

Tabbedout Mobile Payment solution now available at Pancho Villa's Mexican CuisinePancho Villa’s Mexican Cuisine, has announced that their patrons can now open and pay tabs from their phone with Tabbedout, a mobile payment app available on iPhone and Android smartphones. Pancho Villa’s local Micros dealer, CDI Technology, was able to interface Tabbedout directly to their POS system.

The Tabbedout app was built by security experts who understand the value of a good time. Tabbedout allows users to store credit or debit card information directly on their phone, encrypted and under passphrase protection, instead of on host servers or in “the cloud.” Customers can open and pay their tab directly from their phone, without handing their payment information to a server.

In addition to security, Tabbedout users get the convenience of no longer having to wait in line while closing their tab. They can simply pay from their phone when they’re ready to go. And, Tabbedout allows customers to view a running tab of what they’ve ordered, removing any surprises when the bill comes.

“It’s pretty cool and easy for our staff to use,” said Justin Bjorn, manager of Pancho Villa’s.

Patrons will receive a number of benefits with the new Tabbedout offering including:

•    Convenience and better customer service: Staff can serve more people, more efficiently. And, patrons can close their tab anytime, anywhere.

•    Security: No more cards left behind or handing over a credit card to someone they don’t know.

•    Social media integration: Patrons can share experiences with their social media networks.

“We are excited to offer Tabbedout at Pancho Villa’s Mexican Cuisine,” said Kevin McKeand, vp of sales for Tabbedout. “We want to make life easier for merchants and patrons alike, putting the consumer in control of how and when they pay. This gives Pancho Villa’s Mexican Cuisine the freedom to focus on serving more people, especially during peak business hours.

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