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Techzone believes in constant improvisation of content quality

By insightVAS - Mon Jul 22, 3:37 pm

In a chat with Naveen Bhandari, MD, Techzone, has revealed how the Mobile Value Added Service market is evolving over the years, right from providing few simple products to an array of products covering all the genres. He has also shared the plans of current fiscal, strategies of the company to face the cut throat competition and also the objective behind launching VH1 Hub application.

insightVAS: Please enlighten us on the recent tie up of Viacom 18 and Techzone.

Naveen Bhandari: Techzone’s tie up with goes back to 2009 when Techzone and Viacom 18 pioneered to bring television content to the mobile value added space. We have been able to establish a robust market for various contents from Viacom 18 through our distribution network over the past 4 years. This time we are taking the entire tie up to the next level where in we are building a market place for youth to access content in an exciting way.

insightVAS: What is the objective behind launching the VH 1 Hub application and what kind of responses are you getting?

Naveen Bhandari: The objective is to provide youth (especially the viewers of VH1) to be able to access international music content on their mobile phones. The idea is to extend the VH1 experience from television to mobile seamlessly which is fast becoming the most preferred screen for the target group. This also enables the viewers of VH1 to experience their favourite music anytime, anywhere.

insightVAS: When is Techzone coming up with VH 1 Hub on iOS platform?

Naveen Bhandari: We are presently in the planning phase for iOS and Android

insightVAS:  How has the VAS market in India evolved?

Naveen Bhandari: The VAS market in India is undergoing a most paradigm shift in terms of products, type of promotion and interaction between various players in the ecosystem. Over the years, the choices available to the consumers has increased exponentially from a limited number of straight forward simple products covering bollywood, astrology and cricket to an array of thousands of product on various platforms and covering almost all possible genres. More significantly the entire approach is moving from a market push to consumer pull. There has been a significant increase in product focus but unfortunately the quality of content is still constrained by the bandwidth limitations.

insightVAS:  What is the percentage of revenue that the music industry gets from mobile downloads?

Naveen Bhandari: It would not be appropriate to take music in isolation. Music, music and movie videos and related wallpapers generate approximately 40 percent of mobile downloads over WAP platform.

insightVAS: What are your future plans for this fiscal?

Naveen Bhandari: Our focus this fiscal is convergence of traditional media platforms with mobile platforms. The idea is to integrate various mobile platforms with the offerings on various media platforms, from print to FM to TV to desktop internet, to give a richer content consumption experience to the end customer and to enable them accessing their favourite contents on the move.

insightVAS: What strategies are you adopting to compete in the market? What are the challenges are you facing?

Naveen Bhandari: As a strategy, we believe in constantly improving our products in terms of underlying technology and content quality to give the consumer the experience they desire. To achieve this, we work closely with our content/media partners on one hand and the operators on the other to have a 360 degree feedback loop. Our focus is to develop products not for specific mobile platforms but to use all mobile platforms to enhance the features of the products we are developing.

One of the major challenges that we face is the low revenue share. This enforces huge limitations on the amount of research and promotion that we are capable of doing for products.

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