12:24 pm - Friday 20 October 2017

TRAI made porting of corporate numbers easy

By insightVAS - Tue Jul 23, 7:03 pm

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has allowed mass portability of corporate accounts as long as there is a letter of authorisation from the authorised signatory of the corporate mobile numbers. The regulator has acted on the complaints about Mobile Number Portability being denied for corporate numbers due to “contractual obligations”.

In fact, as many as 50 corporate numbers can be ported out with a single porting request. The guidelines will come into effect 90 days from now, and telecom operators will be allowed 48 hours to port users out, as opposed to 24 hours for individual porting requests.

Mobile number portability has been around for quite a while – since January 2011 – and Indian telecom has, till April 2013, received 91 million porting requests.

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