11:08 pm - Tuesday 21 November 2017

U.S Bank rolls out app for iPhone to help users find closest U.S Bank branch or ATM

By insightVAS - Sat Apr 14, 11:39 am

U.S. Bank employees are piloting one of the latest technology trends on the market today — augmented reality. The new U.S. Bank Find US+ Application for iPhone allows on-the-go users to easily find and access more digitally enhanced information about the closest U.S. Bank branch or ATM.

“The Find US+ App for iPhone may soon empower our customers to interact with us more easily,” said Dominic Venturo, chief innovation officer for U.S. Bank Payment Services. “In addition to making it easier to find branches and locations, this application sets the stage for U.S. Bank to leverage its development efforts for future location-based experiences, including customized offers from our partners.”

The new Find US+ App, based on augmented reality, merges the real world with a digital experience, creating a new way for customers with iPhones to locate U.S. Bank branches and ATMs. When pointed in a specific direction, the phone displays a computer-generated graphic for each location (branch or ATM), its address and distance based on the user’s GPS location. Each graphic is color-coded to reflect whether the location is open, closing in an hour or closed. The app recognizes when the user arrives at the destination and asks if additional information is requested. It also provides the best route and hours of operation.

The Find US+ App also offers a street view utilizing the iPhone’s camera. The user’s screen displays all U.S. Bank branches and ATMs within view as well as walking directions and other pertinent location information when the camera lens is directed down the street at eye level. When the user is in sight of the branch or ATM, images captured through the camera, such as the U.S. Bank logo, trigger other digital animation to enhance the customer’s virtual and real world experience. For customers who know what type of location they are searching for, such as a “drive-up ATM only” or “open locations only,” the app allows the user to narrow the field of locations displayed.

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