05:40 pm - Friday 28 April 2017

Vodafone hires 50 percent women trainees in its flagship ‘DISCOVER CAMPUS PROGRAM’

By insightVAS - Fri Mar 07, 10:06 pm

Vodafone India has undertaken multiple initiatives to strengthen Diversity and Inclusion within its workplace. The company believes that such initiatives lead to more flexible, creative and innovative organization that serves diverse segments of the market and society cutting across geographies, economic strata and gender & age.

Today, 32 percent of Vodafone India’s customer base comprises of women – and that itself inspired the organization to bring in series of policy innovations to enhance the number of women employees in its team. This has resulted in Year-on-Year hiring rate of women talent double up to almost 40 percent from 11.5  percent of hires in March’13. Even in the flagship campus program – ‘Discover’, the number of women trainees has been more than 51 percent as compared to 39.5 percent last financial year. The organization currently has 17 out of 95 zones headed by women. The above combined efforts have resulted into women employee base to become approximately 20 percent of the total workforce in Vodafone India.

Speaking on the occasion, Ashok Ramchandran, Director – Human Resources, Vodafone India said, “It has been our constant endeavour to encourage diversity and inclusion at workplace by constantly improving and reinventing ourselves offering our employees with best in industry workplace. We are in search for talent that is diverse in experience and from diverse industry backgrounds; that bring organizationally relevant yet diverse skill sets to the table. In our efforts to create a more balance work environment, while scouting for talent and expanding our talent search pool, we are giving first preference to women talent to build a more diverse workplace. Vodafone India has always laid great emphasis on equal rights and opportunities for our employees and our policies encourage women employees to aspire for and achieve their career ambitions.”

Endeavoring to continue this journey, Vodafone India – which has 95 Operational Zones in the country, strives to enable at least 25 zones to be headed by women.



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