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Applications like Videos, gaming etc will become popular with launch of 4G: John He, CEO, DONJIN

By insightVAS - Thu Jul 05, 5:58 pm

Mr. John He- CEO, Shenzhen DONJIN Communication Technology Co. Ltd., in 1993, founded DONJIN Communication Tech Co., Ltd. and successfully developed the first voice board in China. DONJIN was the first to come with industry standard CTI hardware products in China, which enabled China to become the first nation that applied long-distance telephone transactions in the world. In 2006, Keygoe – the innovative multimedia convergence platform was presented to meet the communications standard of next generation. They were integrated with some technical superiorities, such as NGN, 3G Video and IP technology, etc., which were applied to the following sectors such as Telecom operators, industry call centers and enterprise communications, and had initiated new standards and future trend of the Telecom industry. Keygoe platform currently has applied for a number of invention patents. DONJIN have achieved the highest port density in China which is world’s biggest telecom market under the leadership of John, also enjoys the titles like “CTI Expert”

InsightVAS conducts a short interview of Mr. John He. Have a look:


1)    Give us a short overview of DONJIN and its customers.

A. DONJIN communications was established in the year 1993 in Shenzhen China with a focus on CTI. DONJIN has come a long way from manufacturing board based products to current multimedia switches- Keygoe which is a complete multimedia platform and offering the highest density of ports in a single chassis compared to anybody else in the industry. In a relatively short span of time DONJIN has become the leader of CTI industry in the China market and our aim to is be the leaders in the entire South Asian region.
Our customers are major in MVAS and enterprise.

2)    What is the focus of DONJIN for the current fiscal year?

DONJIN has been in India for the last five years and India market is highly competitive and challenging. There has been a continuous evolution in Donjin products over the last 5 years specifically for India market and current focus for DONJIN is in the MSVAS platform and IP platform for the India market.

3)    What according to you are the latest trends in MVAS and its implications?

2G continues to dominate the India Telecom industry although 3G was launched almost2 years back. Operators were expecting higher revenue from MVAS from the 3G adoption – but unfortunately the revenues were quite disappointing. 2G continues to dominate the MVAS revenues with applications such as IVR, OBD, IBD, CRBT, USSD etc.

4)    How is DONJIN’s solution helping VAS players to improve their role?

DONJIN arguably provides the best price to performance ratio for the VAS players and our platform is very flexible in the sense that it can offer all the VAS services on single platform which is Keygoe. So you can start with a simple application such as OBD today and tomorrow you can migrate to video seamlessly on the same hardware platform. This I believe is the biggest advantage of DONJIN since it offers investment protection to the VAS players. With the best price/performance ratio DONJIN helps in reducing the ROI for the VAS players.

5)    Comment on your recently launched product ‘Mobile Signaling (MsVAS) gateway’. How does it work?

MSVAS gateway is a signaling product which supports upto MAP layer of the SS7 protocol. With these a lot of Data applications likes SMSes, USSD gateway can be built and the time to market is also very small since we offer a scripting environment which helps in reducing the time required to develop solutions . Again as I mentioned earlier it works on the Keygoe platform so the integration with media is hardly an issue.

6)    How do you see the future of Mobile VAS industry with 4G technologies entering in India?

The expectations from 4G are pretty high. While it will be either Wi-max ( MTNL & BSNL) all other operators are going in with LTE. LTE has its advantages in that it is easily integrated with 2G/3G so a lot of current MVAS applications will still provide sizeable revenue till 4G acceptance comes across with subscribers. However we will see a lot of bandwidth intensive applications like Video, gaming etc becoming popular with launch of 4G.

7)    In your view, what strategy should be adopted to boost MVAS market and increase ARPU?

The MVAS market should move to Enterprise based solutions like IVR, conferencing, chat etc where although the volumes are lower but because of the sheer size of the market it will contribute significantly to the revenue of VAS providers. Enterprise VAS will increase the ARPU in the sense that applications can be customized to meet different enterprise verticals thus making it possible to sell these at better rates and increase the ARPU.

8)    What are your immediate plans and key focus areas for Indian market?

As already mentioned above the current plans and focus area will continue to be in 2G with our MSVAS gateway and IP platform.

9)    What are the company’s future endeavors and key focus areas?

India will be key focus market for DONJIN and DONJIN will continue to invest in India and our plans include making India as the regional R&D hub for South Asia. DONJIN will continue investing in R&D and will come up with newer products in the next two years which will significantly increase our market share in India.

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