04:45 pm - Saturday 29 April 2017

Women safty app SecurCity launched by KNS Technologies

By insightVAS - Fri Jan 31, 11:56 am

US based IT consulting company, KNS Technologies launched “securCity”, an innovative safety app for mobiles.

The app sends SOS message to user’s family and friends at the touch of a button. KNS, as others, was moved by rising incidence of sexual violence against women, and hopes this app would instill confidence in them and safeguard their social progress.

After activation, the app sends repeated SOS messages to contacts pre-selected by the user and additionally shows the coordinates and location of user on Google map. This location is updated in real-time to track the position of the user continuously.

“This app has category leading features, like, discreet activation through volume button of the phone so that the user who is in danger could seek help without alerting the predator, protection against accidental activation and de-activation only through password protected access so that help for the user is not jeopardized in any way by the predator”, says Bakta Salla, co-founder, KNS Technologies.

The company has launched the Android 4.x version of this app first so that a large number of potential users, mainly young women, are empowered immediately and could begin to feel reassured and secure.

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