01:59 pm - Saturday 18 November 2017

zemaGamez unveils new mobile game “Bucket Dan – The Moustache Man”

By Sonali Shyam - Mon Oct 01, 12:21 am

Enjoy an interesting and addictive new game, which will involve players, aged 9 to 99. zemaGamez unveiled new family friendly mobile game “Bucket Dan – The Moustache Man” for iPad and iPhone.

The new game features explosive action that pays homage to vintage video games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. “Bucket Dan – The Moustache Man” is currently available on iOS devices only, but the company’s programmers are busily developing for other mobile platforms.

Created by Martin Sitter (also known as the founder of online education site macProVideo.com) and Mark Stope (a veteran film-industry illustrator), zemaGamez combines a strong base of technical skills with a unique artistic vision of what a video game should be.

According to Martin, “at macProVideo.com, I’ve developed hundreds of Apps for iOS and Android. Coming from the film industry, Mark has an artistic vision that has been central to designing the aesthetic for many blockbuster films. Combined, our skills allow us to create games that look as amazing as they play.”

The plot of ““Bucket Dan – The Moustache Man” is centered around two identical twin brothers who have an epic falling out over their preferred facial hair. Stan (the bearded brother) is so traumatized by their feud that he loses his mind and begins to wreak havoc on the city. Dan, (the moustache-clad protagonist of the story) vows to stop him using his incredible Moustache-Power.

According to Mark, “everything about the game is made to feel like an old fashioned arcade game, but is made for modern mobile devices like your iPad or iPhone. It’s not complicated, and is meant for casual gamers. To make the gameplay more fun, we’ve used the accelerometer on your device as the main control-mechanism. You tilt the screen to make Dan run, and touch the screen to jump and slide. It’s easy to play, and highly addictive.

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